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Polar Bear Trivia Quiz

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Black - A polar bear actually has black skin! Also, a polar bear's fur is made of clear tubes, giving off the appearance of white!What color is the skin of a polar bear?

a. White
b. Black
c. Pink
d. Blue

Coys - Polar bear cubs that are under 1 year old are called coys! Mama polar bears usually have 1-4 baby bears at a time!What are baby polar bears called?

a. Coys
b. Cradles
c. Cows
d. Congress

Seals - Polar bears love seals! Geese are too small and they are not worth the amount of energy it takes to catch and eat them.What is a polar bear's favorite meal?

a. Other polar bears
b. Fox
c. Geese
d. Seals

42 - They have 42 teeth! They also continue to grow as the polar bear ages!How many teeth do polar bears have?

a. 68
b. 42
c. 16
d. 20

1500 pounds - Male polar bears can weigh up to 1500 pounds. Females weigh about half of that when they are fully-grown.How much can polar bears weigh?

a. 3200 pounds
b. 2000 pounds
c. 500 pounds
d. 1500 pounds

15-20 years - Polar bears rarely live beyond 25 years, unless in captivity where the oldest recorded polar bear lived to be 42.What is the average life span of a polar bear?

a. 5-10 years
b. 15-20 years
c. 40-50 years
d. 10-15 years

Walruses - Although humans do the most damage to polar bears, (they are poached for their fur) walruses can 'sometimes' pose a threat to these giant bears as well.Besides humans, which of these is a polar bear's enemy?

a. Seals
b. Fox
c. Beavers
d. Walruses

100 miles - Polar bears can swim up to 100 miles at a time! They can also swim around 6 miles per hour!How far can polar bears swim at one time?

a. 100 miles
b. 75 miles
c. 10 Miles
d. 30 miles

They are the largest predators on land - They are the largest predators on land. They are the largest bear, not the smallest. They also are found in Canada, Alaska and the Arctic Circle.Which of these is true of polar bears?

a. They are the smallest bear
b. Their closest relative is the hog
c. They are the largest predators on land
d. They have many subspecies

20,000-25,000 - This is just an estimate, there could be more or fewer! They are listed as a threatened species, though with new laws, they may eventually be able to make their way off the threatened list!How many polar bears are estimated to be left on the planet?

a. 20,000-25,000
b. 100,000-200,000
c. 3,500-5,500
d. 50,000-75,000

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