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Science Trivia Questions E23

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Trepanning - Trepanning was practiced even in Ancient Rome.The practice of drilling holes in a skull is known as...

a. Trepanning
b. Trajectory
c. Lobotomy
d. Mastectomy

Chilli pepper spiciness - Serrano pepper is measured between 10,000 and 23,000 SCUs, while the spiciest Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper measures over 1.5 million SCUs!The Scoville Heat Unit Scale can be used to measure which of the following?

a. Radiation
b. Chilli pepper spiciness
c. The movement of tectonic plates in magma
d. Heat of gamma rays in outer space.

Scurvy - Surprisingly, the common knowledge of using lemons as a treatment had been forgotten for about 2 centuries.Bleeding gums and extreme weakness, often happening at sea, are symptoms of which disease?

a. Rabies
b. Mildronate
c. Angina
d. Scurvy

Ear - The bones are called anvil, hammer and stirrup.Which human body part contains the smallest bones?

a. Foot
b. Hand
c. Mouth
d. Ear

Troposphere - The current composition of our atmosphere is the result of billions of years of planetary evolution.The layer of atmosphere closest to us is known as...

a. Magnetosphere
b. Troposphere
c. Mesosphere
d. Stratosphere

In the atmosphere - The Karman line is the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space.Where can we find the Karman line?

a. On a map of the oceans
b. On the verge of the Solar System
c. In the atmosphere
d. In the depths of Earth

Around 120 days - Red blood cells are also known as erythrocytes.What is the lifespan of a red blood cell?

a. No more than 48 hours.
b. Around 120 days
c. About 3 weeks
d. At least 2 years

Mars - Both Viking I and Viking II sent photos of Mars.The Viking space probe was the first one to send photographs of which planet?

a. Venus
b. Mars
c. Saturn
d. Jupiter

Icebergs - The word 'iceberg' comes from 'mountain of ice' in Dutch.Tabular, blocky, wedge, dome, pinnacle, dry dock, growler and bergy bit. These are all terms used for which of the following?

a. Viruses
b. Asteroids
c. Icebergs
d. Volcanos

Ca - Cs is Caesium, Co is Cobalt and Cl is Chlorine.What is the symbol for Calcium?

a. Cs
b. Cl
c. Co
d. Ca

1 trillion (10^12) - A million millimeters times a million millimeters.How many square millimetres is there in a square kilometer?

a. 1 million (10^6)
b. 1 trillion (10^12)
c. 1 quadrillion (10^15)
d. 1 billion (10^9)

AB - Less than 1 percent of all the population has AB Negative.Which blood type is the rarest?

a. O
b. A
c. AB
d. B

Fish - Ichthyology recognizes three types of fish - skeletal, cartilaginous and jawless fish.Ichthyology is the study of...

a. Reptiles
b. Bugs
c. Birds
d. Fish

Less than 10 hours - A day in Jupiter lasts about 9 hours and 55 minutes.How long does a full day last in Jupiter?

a. Less than 6 hours
b. Less than 4 hours
c. Over 15000 hours.
d. Less than 10 hours

A mineral - Feldspars are widely used in glass making.What is a feldspar?

a. A mineral
b. An insect
c. A tree
d. A structural part of a building

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