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Science Trivia Questions #29

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Boron - Boron is a chemical element with the symbol B and atomic number 5.Which of the following elements is not a noble gas?

a. Neon
b. Radon
c. Boron
d. Helium

The palm - The sole of the foot also has extremely thick skin.Where is the thickest skin found on the human body?

a. The head
b. The bum
c. The back
d. The palm

Snowmobile - The first Bombardier snowmobile carried seven passengers.What did Canadian inventor Joseph Armand Bombardier invent in 1936?

a. Electric car
b. Solar battery
c. Snowmobile
d. Motorcycle

Alexander Fleming - Roux was associated with the rabies vaccine.Which of these men is associated with the creation of penicillin?

a. Emile Roux
b. Norman Crick
c. Alexander Fleming
d. James Salk

Niels Bohr - Bohr was a Danish physicist.Who won a Noble Prize for his work in quantum theory and atomic structure?

a. Niels Bohr
b. Carl Roman Abt
c. Larry Page
d. Lucien Olivier

Sergey Brin - Google made its debut in 1998.Who developed the Google search engine with Larry Page?

a. Leland Clark
b. Ali Javan
c. Sergey Brin
d. Scott Jones

Cells - Robert Hooke is often referred to as the Father of Cytology.Cytology is the study of which of the following?

a. Maps
b. Large cats
c. Magnets
d. Cells

The fastest growing plant in the world - Bamboo is part of the grass family.Bamboo is known for being?

a. Growing only at night
b. The fastest growing plant in the world
c. Having above ground roots
d. Having two colors of flowers

Chinese - They are also credited with inventing paper and the magnetic compass.Which culture is credited with inventing the abacus?

a. Egyptian
b. Russian
c. Mayan
d. Chinese

Retinol - Thiamin is known as vitamin B1.What is another name for Vitamin A?

a. Thiamin
b. Niacin
c. Riboflavin
d. Retinol

1800 - The invention is credited to Alessandro Volta.When was the electric battery invented?

a. 1967
b. 1800
c. 1876
d. 1903

Earth - Mars is often called the Red Planet.Venus and which other planet are sometimes called the "Blue Planet"?

a. Mercury
b. Earth
c. Neptune
d. Mars

American Civil War - The word syringe is derived from the Greek word syrinx, meaning 'tube'.The hypodermic syringe was invented during which of these wars?

a. The Hundred-Year War
b. World War II
c. American Civil War
d. World War I

Glass - The oldest kinds of glass are based on the chemical compound silica.Which of these inventions dates back to about 1500 BC?

a. Comb
b. Paintbrush
c. Paper
d. Glass

Mars - Mariner 9 was launched on the 30th of May, 1971.Which planet did Mariner 9 orbit in 1971?

a. Jupiter
b. Mars
c. Saturn
d. Mercury

Spleen - The largest organ in the human body is the skin.About the size of a fist, which organ in the human body helps it to fight infections and filter foreign objects?

a. Spleen
b. Kidney
c. Pancreas
d. Liver

A herbicide - Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War.What is Agent Orange?

a. A math problem
b. A herbicide
c. A character in a cartoon
d. A nickname for an element

Peter Higgs - Peter won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2013.Which of the following scientists have not won a Nobel Prize for chemistry?

a. Hans Fischer
b. Gerhard Erti
c. Marie Currie
d. Peter Higgs

Cash Dispenser  - The cash dispenser was invented in 1969 by Luther Simjian.Which of the following items was not invented in 1965?

a. Respirator
b. Cash Dispenser
c. Optical Disk (now Compact Disk)
d. Hypertext

50 percent - About 80 percent of the world's population have IQs ranging between 80 and 120.Approximately, what percentage of the population has an IQ above 100?

a. 50 percent
b. 60 percent
c. 70 percent
d. 80 percent

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