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Science Trivia Questions IV

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Table salt - Sodium and chlorine make sodium chloride, or table salt.A white metal that burns in water, plus a poisonous green gas, combine to make what substance?

Pillows - Soft objects absorb more sound than hard ones, which is why bands in your old high school gym sounded so awful.The Three Little Pigs build an auditorium. What should they build it out of, if they don't want a lot of reverb off the walls?

Bra - Some credit an American named Mary Phelps-Jacobs.Despite what you may have heard, credit for this item goes, not to Otto Titzling, but to Herminie Cadolle of France. What is it?

Alexander Fleming - He was actually hoping to get different colors for the 'paintings' he made with his cultures, but a dish he left over the summer got contaminated.Who discovered penicillin after he sloppily left the lid off the top of one of his Petri dishes, so that the staphylococcus culture got contaminated?

Lead - This chemical is blamed for the fall of Rome, as it was used in goblets and in the plumbing.Plumbers worry about pipes made from what element, whose abbreviation is Pb from the Latin plumbum?

Turquoise - Its name appears to come from the French pierre turquoise, or Turkish stone.This gem was named for a Middle Eastern country, even though it does not occur there. What is it?

Shift - It was developed by an IBM engineer named David Bradley.To shut down Windows, users sometimes resort to the "Vulcan nerve pinch". Which key is not pushed in this "three-fingered salute" - Ctrl, Alt, Delete or Shift?

Their amplitude - To amplify the sound, increase the distance that a vibrating wave moves from its position of rest as it vibrates. The greater the difference between a sound's high-pressure and low-pressure bands (called compressions and rarefactions), the greater the volume.When you crank up the volume on your Led Zeppelin CD, what are you changing about the sound waves?

What is the densest element? - A dollar bill made of osmium would weight 13 pounds.Let's do this one Jeopardy style. Depending on how you look at it, the answer to this trivia question is either osmium or iridium.

Beryllium - It was Gl. Today, it is named for beryl.What highly toxic element (#4 on the periodic table) was once called glucinium, because its soluble components taste like sugar?

Phosphorus - Instead, he found a white material that glowed in the dark.Found by Hennig Brand in his own urine while he was trying to prepare gold from silver, what element is symbolized by the letter P?

Venus - Uranus is the other planet with retrograde rotation, but it doesn't spin backwards, but instead does so on its side.What planet not only rotates backwards, but rotates so slowly that its day is longer than its year?

After the fire - The materials combine with oxygen; this process is the 'sound' of fire.Before starting a campfire, you weigh the wood you use. Afterward, you weigh the leftover log, the ash, the smoke, the soot and the gas produced by the fire. When is the mass greatest?

Earth - Venus, though, is 4/5 the Earth's mass.Because of all its iron in its core, which planet is the densest?

Therapeutic touch - Healers blamed the results on Rosa's age, or claimed that the healers' energy fields were sucked up by air conditioning.What did 11-year-old Emily Rosa debunk in an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association?

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