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Science Trivia Questions VII

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Nuclear fission - A Henry Moore sculpture marks the spot on Stagg Field where Enrico Fermi achieved the first self-sustained nuclear reaction.As part of the Manhattan Project, what did Enrico Fermi produce in a basement squash court under Stagg Field at the University of Chicago?

Pacific - Earthquakes are produced by all that shuffling of tectonic plates, which also have a role in producing those volcanic vents that allow magma to spurt up from deep within the earth.About 80 percent of the world's earthquakes and many of the worst volcanoes are found along the Ring of Fire around what body of water?

Potassium - Strictly speaking, it comes from the Arabic for What element is symbolized by a K, because it was named for "kalium", the Arabic word for "alkali"?

Computer - Used for astronomical calculations, it was found in a shipwreck and turned out to have been built sometime between 150 and 100 BCE, exhibiting mechanical gear technology that would not resurface for nearly 2000 years.In 1901, something peculiar was discovered off the Greek island of Antikythera. It was an ancient version of what object?

Van De Graaff generator - It looks like a metal ball on a stick, with a smaller version next door.Now found mostly in high school science classes and horror movies, what electrostatic generator was invented as a kind of particle accelerator?

Printing press - With 40,000 ideographs, though, this invention wasn't very practical in China, so people went back to wood blocks.In the 1040s, Bi Sheng invented something, getting a 400-year jump on a goldsmith from Mainz. What was it?

70,000 miles - The actual distance in a league varies. It's supposed to be as far as a person can walk in an hour, which is a bit over 3 miles.If, per the title of the Jules Verne book, you really were "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," how far down would you be?

Czechoslovakia - In fact, there were astronauts from Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia and Romania before there was one from France or Britain.The first person in space who was neither a Soviet nor an American citizen was Vladimir Remek, who went up in 1978. What country was he from?

Bad breath - When the ads began running during Prohibition, Listerine was more popular for its 25 percent alcohol.As the ancient Listerine ad campaign warned us, what is halitosis?

Clownfish - Because it is immune to the sea anemone, it can live in coral reefs.Immune to its host's poison, what funny fish hides among the sea anemone's tentacles?

Eyes - It drips from through the lacrimal canaliculi, better known as tear ducts.If you're leaking lacrimal fluid, what part of your body is it dripping from?

Tartar - Calculus gets its name from the Latin word for pebble.In addition to being a field of mathematics, "calculus" also refers to what dental condition?

Viagra - Viagra prevents blood clots by hampering platelets, and it enhances blood flow by relaxing the walls of arteries and veins.What drug did chemists at Pfizer discover while looking for a way to treat heart disease?

700 lbs - This was based on an average barrow, which is 35 cubic feet.Based on the volume of a typical barrow, New York state wildlife expert Richard Thomas calculated how much a woodchuck could chuck (if, of course, it could chuck wood). How much?

Lemming - The doc was filmed in landlocked Alberta with a few dozen lemmings bought from Manitoba Eskimos. They were filmed on a snow-covered turntable and then tossed off a cliff.The Disney documentary "White Wilderness" popularized the myth that what creature has a suicidal urge to leap en masse into the ocean?

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