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Ash - Ash makes excellent firewood, as well as smoking or barbecue wood.What word describes trees of the genus Fraxinus, as well as something you get when you burn those trees?

       a. Pine
       b. Straw
       c. Ash
       d. Smoke

Guppy - The guppy is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species in the world.What fish is named for the Trinidadian clergyman who donated samples of them to the British Museum?

       a. Guppy
       b. Trout
       c. Piranha
       d. Herring

Navel - All placental mammals have a navel.Because perspiration pools in your umbilicus, lint is attracted there and left behind when it dries out. Where?

       a. Navel
       b. Ear
       c. Nostril
       d. Anus

Wrist - A total of 13 bones form the wrist - eight carpal bones and five metacarpal bones.What part of your body would move if you flicked your carpal bones?

       a. Elbow
       b. Knee
       c. Wrist
       d. Toes

Rabbit - The male rabbit is called a buck and the female is called a doe. A young rabbit can be referred to as a kitten or kit.What lagomorph can rotate each of its ears nearly 270 degrees so that it can pinpoint sounds, and not to improve its TV's reception?

       a. Giraffe
       b. Rabbit
       c. Cat
       d. Cheetah

XX - If a sperm carrying a Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, a boy will be conceived. If you remember your high school biology, you remember that X and Y chromosomes have something to do with whether you turn out to be a boy or a girl. What combination means pink cribs and dolls for Christmas?

       a. XX
       b. XY
       c. YX
       d. YY

Halcion - The American Food and Drug Administration have deemed its use at low doses as up to standard.This controversial sleeping pill is a benzodiazepine depressant. George HW Bush used it until 1992, when it was banned in Britain, which linked it to confusion, hallucinations and hostility. What is it?

       a. Valium
       b. Xanax
       c. Halcion
       d. Librium

Medius - The human hand has 27 bones.If somebody gives a doctor the finger, the doctor can name the finger. What would he call it?

       a. Pollex
       b. Annularius
       c. Medius
       d. Auricularius

Gerbil - Gerbils are communal animals and most often live in groups in the wild.What Mongolian "desert rat" has been a popular pet since Victor Schwentker used it for research in the 1950s?

       a. Gerbil
       b. Rabbit
       c. Hamster
       d. Guinea pig

OxyContin (Oxycodone) - OxyContin is commonly prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain.Sometimes called "hillbilly heroin," what prescription drug did Rush Limbaugh get himself addicted to?

       a. Methadone (Dolophine)
       b. OxyContin (Oxycodone)
       c. Tramadol (Ultram)
       d. Celecoxib (Celebrex)

Beetle - Beetles are found in all major habitats, except marine and polar regions.True bugs are in the order Hemiptera, so the June bug isn't a real bug. What is it?

       a. Beetle
       b. Cockroach
       c. Arthropod
       d. Tick

Sheep - One of the first animals to be domesticated for farming, sheep are raised for fleece, meat and milk.Something "bovine" has something to do with cattle. Take away a B, and you get "ovine," an adjective that describes what fellow even-toed ungulate?

       a. Goats
       b. Deer
       c. Sheep
       d. Pigs

Nostrils - The vomer is one of the unpaired facial bones of the skull.According to Gray's Anatomy, what would you find on either side of a vomer?

       a. Halves of the upper lip
       b. Nostrils
       c. Eyebrows
       d. Dimples of a chin

Jaguar - The jaguar is classified as a near threatened species and its numbers are declining.What animal, for which a car company and an NFL team are named, is also the largest cat in the Americas?

       a. Cougar
       b. Mountain lion
       c. Jaguar
       d. Puma

What are rats? - The best-known rat species are the black rat and the brown rat, which both originated in Asia.On September 10, 1984, this was the first clue answered on Alex Trebek's Jeopardy. Animals for $100. These rodents first got to America by stowing away on ships.

       a. What are bats?
       b. What are rats?
       c. What are mice?
       d. What are squirrels?

Dodo - The Dodo was a flightless bird that was prevalent to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. What flightless pigeon became extinct in 1681, only 80 years after its discovery?

       a. Dodo
       b. Passenger pigeon
       c. Carolina parakeet
       d. Kiwi

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