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Science Trivia Questions XIII

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Finding and naming dinosaurs - He is credited with naming the Stegosaurus, the Allosaurus and the Triceratops. What was Othniel C. Marsh famous for doing?

       a. Naming pants
       b. Finding and naming dinosaurs
       c. Naming stars
       d. Undersea exploration

Golgi body - All the rest of the answers are types of plants.Which of these would you find in most eukaryotic cells?

       a. Carob
       b. Fennel
       c. Golgi body
       d. Rue

A group of birds - They could also say that they had seen a brace. If someone told you they had seen a knob, a plump or a volary, what did they actually see?

       a. A herd of grazing animals
       b. A group of birds
       c. A school of fish
       d. A cluster of stars

Titan - Many of the planets and moons are named after Greek and Roman gods.What is the name of Saturn's largest moon?

       a. Hera
       b. Zeus
       c. Titan
       d. Jupiter

Electric resistance - A barometer measures air pressure.What does an ohm measure?

       a. Electric resistance
       b. Atmospheric pressure
       c. Distance
       d. Gravity

Saturn - Saturn has rings composed mostly of ice particles with rocky debris and dust.Which planet is the second largest in our solar system?

       a. Saturn
       b. Neptune
       c. Uranus
       d. Mars

Hydrogen - This element is shown by the symbol H.What is the first element on the periodic table?

       a. Oxygen
       b. Gold
       c. Hydrogen
       d. Silver

Use it - A caliper is a measuring tool that measures the distance between two opposite sides of an object.What would you do with a caliper?

       a. Feed it
       b. Use it
       c. Wear it
       d. Eat it

Dmitri Mendeleev - Mendeleev published his version of the periodic table in 1869.Who is generally credited with designing the first periodic table?

       a. Dmitri Mendeleev
       b. Louis Pasteur
       c. Ivan Pavlov
       d. Gregor Mendel

Edward Jenner - Jenner is often called the 'Father of immunology'.Who is credited with creating the smallpox vaccine?

       a. Edward Jenner
       b. Hans Winkler
       c. Karl Stetter
       d. Jonas Salk

Chevril - Chevril is an herb.Which of these is not a part of a cell?

       a. Nucleus
       b. Cytoplasm
       c. Chevril
       d. Ribosome

Ichthyology - Virology is the study of viruses.What is the study of fish called?

       a. Taxonomy
       b. Ichthyology
       c. Virology
       d. Limnology

In a light bulb - Other parts of a light bulb include the tie wires, the exhaust tubes and the base.Where would you find a filament?

       a. In a light bulb
       b. On a cell
       c. Part of a bird's feather
       d. On the human body

Albert Einstein - Einstein died in 1955.Which famous scientist is known for his theory of relativity?

       a. Gabriel Mouton
       b. Albert Einstein
       c. Jonas Salk
       d. Andres Celsius

Apatosaurus - These creatures lived during the Jurassic period.The word Brontosaurus has been replaced by which dinosaur name?

       a. Apatosaurus
       b. Kryptops
       c. Neosodon
       d. Parasaurolophus

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