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Science Trivia Questions XIV

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Lotus 1-2-3 - It sparked sales of IBM PCs, meaning that businesspeople had a sound reason to invest in what was then a very expensive piece of hardware.Created by Mitch Kapor, what killer app spreadsheet was named for the padmasana yoga position?

       a. Microsoft Excel
       b. Lotus 1-2-3
       c. VisiCalc
       d. Quattro Pro

Isaac Newton - As the story goes, he was sitting under an apple tree when a fruit gravitated to the Earth.When the University of Cambridge was closed due to plague, I retreated to Woolsthorpe, where I did some of my most important work on motion, optics and mathematics. Who am I?

       a. Isaac Newton
       b. Michael Faraday
       c. John Locke
       d. Thomas Hobbes

Transistor - Later, he became more famous for racist theories and a sperm bank for geniuses, as well as a management style so bad that Bob Noyce quit and eventually formed Intel.Proving you can't be a genius all the time, William Shockley shocked folks with shocking racist theories. But he and his crew at Bell Labs also developed what invention, which replaced vacuum tubes and changed the technological world?

       a. Transistor
       b. Fiber optics
       c. Particle accelerator
       d. Microwave ovens

Louis Pasteur - Meister killed himself in World War II, in large part because of the occupation. An urban legend says it was because he couldn't keep the Nazis out of Pasteur's crypt.As a boy, Joseph Meister was the first person I saved from rabies. And he in turn became caretaker of the institute named for me. Who am I?

       a. Jonas Salk
       b. Joseph Lister
       c. Louis Pasteur
       d. Bernard Christian

Alexander Graham Bell - AMPS is Advanced Mobile Phone System and cell phones now are digital.The ceremonial first American AMPS cellular call was made on October 13, 1983, at Soldier's Field in Chicago, when Bob Barnett, Ameritech Mobile's president, called what inventor's grandson in Berlin?

       a. Werner Von Braun
       b. Alexander Graham Bell
       c. Nikola Tesla
       d. Thomas Edison

Silver - The bullets would also travel slightly faster.Possibly because it does less damage when it hits its targets, what less lethal metal does the Lone Ranger have his bullets made from?

       a. Silver
       b. Lead
       c. Gold
       d. Tin

Taurus - Its brightest star is a red star called Aldebaran.What constellation would you take by the horns if you wanted to see the Crab Nebula and such star clusters as the Hyades and the Pleiades?

       a. Sagittarius
       b. Taurus
       c. Capricorn
       d. Ursa Major

Glenn Seaborg - Mind you, technically, einsteinium and fermium were proposed as names of new elements discovered while Einstein and Fermi were still alive, during secret nuclear research.Element 106 was the first element that IUPAC named for somebody still alive, although only after adamant Americans rejected any other compromise. Who?

       a. Glenn Seaborg
       b. Stephen Hawking
       c. Carl Sagan
       d. Ernest Lawrence

Microwaves - His first microwave, the Radar Range, 750 pounds and 5½ feet tall, was originally reserved for heavy-duty kitchens.While working with a magnetron at Raytheon, Percy Spencer noticed that its rays melted the candy bar in his pocket. What rays were these?

       a. X-rays
       b. Gamma rays
       c. Microwaves
       d. Manta rays

US Army - Fred Barton had the original idea, intending it to be used for actors, and it became quickly popular on soap operas.Irving Kahn invented the TelePrompTer for what body, which wanted it for presentations to Congress?

       a. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
       b. National Bar Association
       c. US Army
       d. NAACP

4 - Another answer is -4.What is 16, raised to the power of one half?

       a. -8
       b. 4
       c. 8
       d. 2

Arcturus - However, some say Ash is another star.Found in the constellation Bootes, what third brightest star in the night sky is mentioned twice in Job, at 9.9 and 38.32, where it is called Ash?

       a. Arcturus
       b. Sirius
       c. Rigel
       d. Vega

Teflon - On April 6, 1938, Roy Plunkett was looking for a non-toxic cooling gas. But the experiment went awry and he was left with a waxy, slippery material.Roy Plunkett was working on refrigerating coolants for Du Pont when he came across polytetrafluoroethylene. Marc Gregoire went fishing in France, and found that it helped keep his tackle from tangling. What is it?

       a. Lycra
       b. Velcro
       c. Teflon
       d. WD40

Vaseline - His business of distilling kerosene from coal tar nearly went under when oil was found in Pennsylvania. But then he found out about a petroleum by-product called rod wax, which treated cuts and burns. Brooklyn chemist Robert Chesebrough lived to be 96, crediting his longevity to daily ingestion of which product, which he invented in 1879?

       a. Rubber
       b. Corn flakes
       c. Vaseline
       d. Ice cream

Ehrlich paid Simon $576.07 - Ironically, had Ehrlich accepted Simon's offer to go double or nothing any time, he likely would've won, since all five rose in price afterward.In a famous ecology bet in 1980, economist Julian Simon bet biologist Paul Ehrlich that the price of a portfolio of $200 of each of five mineral commodities would fall over the next 10 years. He even let Ehrlich pick the metals - copper, chrome, nickel, tin, and tungsten. The loser would pay the difference in the 1990 price. What happened?

       a. Ehrlich paid Simon $576.07
       b. Simon paid Ehrlich $576.07
       c. Ehrlich paid Simon $57.60
       d. Simon paid Ehrlich $57.60

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