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Science Trivia Questions XV

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120 - A factorial is the product of all the positive integers up to and including that number, so 5! is 1x2x3x4x5 or 120.What is the value of 5! (ie, 5 factorial)?

       a. 15
       b. 3125
       c. 120
       d. 0

Society for American Baseball Research - Because editors thought his freelance pieces too quirky and stats heavy, James started self-publishing The Bill James Baseball Abstract every year.A heavy-duty style of number crunching called sabermetrics gets its name from SABR, founded by a warehouse security guard named Bill James. What is the SABR?

       a. South Atlanta Brotherhood of Railroaders
       b. Statistical Analysis of Backward Records
       c. Society for American Baseball Research
       d. Stars-and-Bars Resurgent

Protons - It is found in its atomic nucleus.The periodic table is based on the atomic number of the elements. But what is the atomic number based on?

       a. Electrons
       b. Neutrons
       c. Protons
       d. Bygones

Tachyon - Tachyons are hypothetical superluminal particles.A staple of science fiction, what theoretical particle can theoretically go faster than light?

       a. Quark
       b. Tachyon
       c. Baryon
       d. Photon

Nanotechnology - People are captivated by the idea of tiny robots rebuilding cells from the inside, but nanotech will also be used in molecular electronics to make transistors for very dense working components, making possible weird quantum optical computers that use light rather than chips.In the 1986 book "Engines of Creation," Eric Drexler described what then-futuristic technology?

       a. Cloning
       b. Nanotechnology
       c. Fiber optics
       d. Robotics

Pi - It is also the number you get by dividing a circle's circumference by its diameter.Although popularized by Leonard Euler, what symbol was first used in 1706 by William Jones, who picked it because it was the first letter in the Greek word for perimeter?

       a. Rho
       b. Chi
       c. Pi
       d. Iota

Paul Allen - Inspired by the Orteig Prize, won by Charles Lindbergh, Peter Diamandis offered the Ansari X Prize to the first team that carried three people 100 km into space twice within a two-week span.What pioneer of computing also backed SpaceShipOne, the private spacecraft that won the $10 million Ansari X Prize in 2004?

       a. Paul Allen
       b. Steve Jobs
       c. Steve Wozniak
       d. Steve Ballmer

Ten - This is the theory that particles are actually multidimensional strings. Vibrating particles create the four forces of energy.There's 3D and Einstein added time. The Fifth Dimension took us "Up, Up and Away". But how many dimensions are required by superstring theory?

       a. Ten
       b. An infinite number
       c. Six
       d. None

Coulomb - A coulomb is the charge of 6.24x10(18) electrons (negative) or protons (positive). What unit of electrical charge is named for a French pioneer in electrical theory who was once a military engineer in the West Indies?

       a. Ampere
       b. Coulomb
       c. Joule
       d. Ohm

Gallium - Gallus means rooster in Latin, which is le coq in French.What element did its discoverer, Paul Lecoq de Boisbaudran, name for both his native country and as a pun on the Latin translation of his name?

       a. Gallium
       b. Francium
       c. Polonium
       d. Americium

Mean - The mode is the most common number in a series, while the median is in the middle, as far as probabilities are concerned.In math, what word describes the average of a group of numbers?

       a. Mean
       b. Median
       c. Mode
       d. Middle

A bolt of lightning - From the Latin for thunderbolt, it is, almost literally, fossilized lightning.Sometimes, you find a beautiful bit of glass called a fulgurite. What created it?

       a. Pressures of the earth
       b. Constant flow of saltwater
       c. A bolt of lightning
       d. Volcanic reactions

Finds prime numbers - He worked at the Library of Alexandria.Eratosthenes of Cyrene is said to be the first to estimate accurately the diameter of the earth. What does the Sieve of Eratosthenes do?

       a. Finds prime numbers
       b. Calculates pi
       c. Helps divide large numbers
       d. Estimates square roots

Lisa - Jobs realized that Apple would have to create a PC of its own that had a graphical user interface.What Apple computer, the first commercial PC with a mouse, was purportedly named for Steve Jobs' illegitimate daughter?

       a. Lisa
       b. Jennifer
       c. Michelle
       d. Kathleen

The asteroid 433 Eros - NEAR stands for Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous. The car-sized craft left in 1996, travelled 196 million miles, and sent back detailed photos.Where did the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft land on February 12, 2001?

       a. The asteroid 433 Eros
       b. The comet Borrelly
       c. The International Space Station
       d. Pluto

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