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Science Trivia Questions XVII

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Titan - The son of a Dutch poet and composer, he speculated that life existed on other planets.In 1655, Christian Huygens became the first person to discover a moon orbiting a planet other than ours or Jupiter. He called it, simply, Saturni Luna ("moon of Saturn"). What do we call it today?

       a. Titan
       b. Ganymede
       c. Triton
       d. Europa

Roof of the mouth - When a snake flicks its tongue, it is 'tasting' the air. It then sticks the tongue up on the roof of its mouth, where the organ is.Many mammals, such as cats, can detect chemicals in the air with their Jacobson's organ. Where is this organ?

       a. Roof of the mouth
       b. Inside the nose
       c. Behind the ears
       d. At the corners of the eyes

Ricin - In 2003, radical Moslems in North London were planning an attack with ricin. Ricin was also found in the White House mail room later that year.Castor oil comes, not from beavers, but from the castor bean. What poison comes from the castor bean plant's seeds?

       a. Ricin
       b. Anthrax
       c. Sarin
       d. Mustard gas

Fish - By counts, there are 9000 birds, 6000 reptiles, 4500 mammals and 2500 amphibians. With about 25,000 species, what group of animals makes up almost half of all known vertebrate species?

       a. Birds
       b. Fish
       c. Insects
       d. Mammals

Viagra - When men get aroused, nerves in their penises release nitric oxide, which activates an enzyme called cyclic GMP, which in turn relaxes the walls of the blood vessels in the penis. Sildenafil slows down the degrading of cyclic GMP.What blue pill is known chemically as sildenafil citrate?

       a. Prozac
       b. Viagra
       c. Claritin
       d. Zoloft

UV rays - Sunlight triggers the production of melanin, which darkens the skin and protects it from UV. But it also causes melanin to break down in hair, causing it to lighten.What kind of radiation produces tans by releasing the pigment melanin into the skin's cells?

       a. UV rays
       b. Infrared rays
       c. Gamma rays
       d. X-rays

Butterfly - The Atlas moth is the largest moth.The Queen Alexandra's birdwing is considered the largest species of what type of animal?

       a. Songbird
       b. Butterfly
       c. Bat
       d. Dinosaur

Milk of magnesia - It pulls a saline solution from the bloodstream, producing excess fluid that flushes the intestines. It's also alkaline enough to cancel out the hydrochloric acid in your guts.This isn't lactose. It's actually a hydroxide of element #12. But it helps with indigestion and constipation. What is it?

       a. Milk of magnesia
       b. Antacid
       c. Sodium bicarbonate
       d. Calcium carbonate

Eastern European Jews - Cajuns are also genetically vulnerable to Tay-Sachs disease, which usually kills little children by eating at their brains. If you have Tay-Sachs, a fatal brain disease, your family tree almost certainly includes which people?

       a. African Americans
       b. Irish and Scots
       c. Eastern European Jews
       d. Armenians and Arabs

They are aging incredibly rapidly - They are often lucky to make it to their 40s. It is also called Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.What is unusual about kids with progeria?

       a. They have extremely heightened senses
       b. They have stratospheric IQs
       c. They are aging incredibly rapidly
       d. They never grow taller than 3 feet

Malaria - The malaria produces a high fever, and malaria can be treated with quinine.Dr Juliers Wagner von Jauregg won a Nobel Prize for figuring out a way to fight syphilis with what other disease?

       a. Smallpox
       b. Influenza
       c. Malaria
       d. Tuberculosis

Fetuses - They are all over the fetus.Who or what would have lanugo hairs?

       a. Whales and dolphins
       b. Fur-bearing animals
       c. Fetuses
       d. Reptiles and birds

Hibernating - The smallest of the nightjars, the poorwill was called the Sleeping One by the Hopi.The poorwill was the first bird discovered to be doing something that we once thought no birds did. What?

       a. Hibernating
       b. Attacking with poison
       c. Bonding in same-sex partnerships
       d. Using human words intelligently

Neptune - It was in Capricorn.French and British astronomers predicted the existence of what planet in 1846, which Johann Gottfried Galle found later that year?

       a. Neptune
       b. Saturn
       c. Uranus
       d. Pluto

Sun bear - It is named for a ring-shaped yellow mark on its chest.The smallest true member of the bear family is Ursus malayanus, known popularly by what name?

       a. Sun bear
       b. Koala bear
       c. Panda bear
       d. Sloth bear

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