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Science Trivia Questions XX

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6 inches - About a half an inch per month.On average, how much does human hair grow in one year?

a. 9 inches
b. 6 inches
c. 12 inches
d. 3 inches

Created the multiplication sign X - He also introduced the abbreviations 'sin' and 'cos' for the sine and cosine functions.Besides creating the now-worthless slide rule, what is mathematician William Oughtred's claim to fame?

a. Created the multiplication sign X
b. Helped Newton develop calculus
c. Did pioneering Sanskrit research
d. Founded the Royal Society

Wilhelm Roentgen - The achievement earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.Who discovered X-Rays?

a. Sir Isaac Newton
b. Arthur Schopenhauer
c. Wilhelm Roentgen
d. Martin Luther

1.0 - The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution is.Which of the following is the most acidic pH?

a. 9.0
b. 2.5
c. 6.0
d. 1.0

Antoinet Lavoisier - Antoinet was guillotined on the 8th of May in 1794. He was 50 years old.After pooling his money with friends to buy a diamond, which scientist burned it in 1772 to discover that diamonds are made of carbon?

a. Carl Scheele
b. Joseph Priestley
c. Humphrey Davy
d. Antoinet Lavoisier

Silicon - Silicon dioxide and other silicates make up about 87 percent of the material in the Earth's crust.Which is the second most abundant chemical element on Earth?

a. Hydrogen
b. Nitrogen
c. Oxygen
d. Silicon

Seaweeds - Protists live in almost any environment that contains water.Which group does not fit the unicellular definition of Kingdom Protista?

a. Protozoans
b. Algae
c. Slime Molds
d. Seaweeds

1.3 Million - Three quarters of the Sun's mass consists of hydrogen and the rest is mostly helium.How many "Earth's" could be formed out of the volume of the Sun?

a. 252,000
b. 1.3 Million
c. 300,100
d. 201,000

Geometry - A mathematician who works in the field of geometry is called a geometer.Can you identify the branch of mathematics that primarily deals with apothems?

a. Calculus
b. Algebra
c. Differential calculus
d. Geometry

Skin - All mammals have some hair on their skin.What is the largest and heaviest organ of the human body?

a. Liver
b. Stomach
c. Skin
d. Heart

A trip wire - The goliath birdeater is considered to be the second largest spider in the world.What does the goliath birdeater spider use in its web to help catch its prey?

a. They scent the web
b. Flowers
c. They bait the web with insects
d. A trip wire

Conservation of Mass - The principle implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed.Which principle, first stated by Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier in 1789, was revised in 1905 by Albert Einstein?

a. Conservation of Momentum
b. Lagrangian Function
c. Conservation of Mass
d. Principle of First Action

Sweden - Jons is considered one of the fathers of modern chemistry.Famed scientist, chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius (1779-1848) was a native of what country?

a. Germany
b. Austria
c. Switzerland
d. Sweden

Copper - As a trace dietary mineral, copper is essential to all living organisms. In 1820, which metal was the first substance after iron, shown to be capable of being magnetized?

a. Silver
b. Gold
c. Copper
d. Nickel

Alfred Nobel - Nobel held 350 different patents, dynamite being the best known.Who invented dynamite?

a. Alfred Nobel
b. Alfred E. Neumann
c. Tzun Ling
d. Albert Einstein

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