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Science Trivia Questions XXI

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General Motors - He worked for GM from 1927 until 1959.Harley Earl designed chrome trim, two-tone paint, hardtops, wrap-around windshields and (especially) tailfins for what company?

a. General Motors
b. Chrysler
c. Ford
d. Tucker

Whale shark - The whale shark gets to more than 65 feet long and has the thickest skin of any animal, at up to 4 inches.Happily, it only eats teeny tiny food like plankton. At up to 60 feet, what is the largest known fish?

a. Hammerhead
b. Whale shark
c. Giant catfish
d. Jumbo shrimp

1 cc - A gram is now defined as one one-thousandth of a kilogram.Originally, a gram was defined as how much pure water, at the temperature of melting ice?

a. 1 teaspoon
b. 1 cc
c. 1 cup
d. 1 tablespoon

Double row of kite-shaped plates on its back - In a 1982 Far Side strip, cavemen attend a lecture in which the speaker points to an image of the spikes, saying that it was called a thagomizer in honor of 'the late Thag Simmons'. What distinctive feature of the Stegosaurus was named the thagomizer, a term that originally appeared in a Far Side comic strip about the late Thag Simmons?

a. A turtle-like shell
b. Fins
c. Two horns and a bony facial frill
d. Double row of kite-shaped plates on its back

Ecstasy (MDMA) - It was patented by Merck on Christmas Eve 1914. It was mostly forgotten until it started to be used for fun in the 1970s.No, this drug was never used as an appetite suppressant or as a stimulant for the military, but Merck did hope it would stop abnormal bleeding. What?

a. Angel dust (PCP)
b. Cannabis (THC)
c. Acid (LSD)
d. Ecstasy (MDMA)

When you grow old - Gerontology is the study of the psychological, social and biological aspects of aging.When would a gerontologist take an interest in you?

a. When you grow old
b. When you exercise
c. When you enjoy a hobby
d. When you study your ancestry

Ostrich - But for birds, it's the smallest egg in relation to body size.The largest single living animal cell on Earth is the yolk found in what animal's egg, which in turn is the largest egg in the world?

a. Ostrich
b. Komodo dragon
c. Elephant
d. Blue whale

Hypersonic - NASA defines 'high' hypersonic as any Mach number from 10 to 25.Supersonic is at least Mach 1, roughly. What word is used for Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound?

a. Megasonic
b. Transonic
c. Hypersonic
d. Ultrasonic

Atlantic - The Lame Duck was an NC-4 navy patrol bomber they flew from Long Island to Plymouth with stops in Newfoundland, the Azores and Lisbon under the watchful eye of 50 destroyers.In 1919, while flying the Lame Duck, Albert "Putty" Reed and his crew became the first people to fly across which ocean?

a. Indian
b. Arctic
c. Pacific
d. Atlantic

A South American rodent - It is one of the few animals that can break into Brazil nuts.Although the agouti gene is responsible for bay-colored horses and the stripes on a tabby, what is an agouti itself?

a. A North American wildcat
b. A South American rodent
c. An African antelope
d. An Asian primate

Her cells are still being used in medical research - Although she never knew her biopsied tissue was being used this way, the HeLa cell lines have been instrumental in research on cancer, AIDS, polio and much more.Henrietta Lacks, who lived in a segregated community, died of cervical cancer in 1951, but she's still saving lives today. How so?

a. Her body was used to model the CPR dummy
b. Her death led to tighter meat packing standards
c. Her cells are still being used in medical research
d. She appeared in one of the first anti-smoking videos

39.37 - Only Burma, Liberia and the United States have not officially adopted the metric system.If you're converting from metric, how many inches are there to the meter?

a. 39.37
b. 19.37
c. 79.37
d. 59.37

Large intestine - The large intestine consists of the cecum, rectum and the anal canal.The appendix hangs off the cecum. Where would you find the cecum?

a. Large intestine
b. Stomach
c. Small intestine
d. Liver

Mate - However, he eventually gets, literally, absorbed into her body.The male deep-sea angler only feeds when it bites the larger female and sucks her blood, giving him even more incentive to do something. What?

a. Mate
b. Hatch
c. Hunt
d. Surface

Pluto - Although originally classified as a planet, Pluto is now considered a dwarf-planet.1930 saw the introduction of a Disney character and the discovery of a planet, both of which had the same name. Which one?

a. Pluto
b. Goofy
c. Neptune
d. Uranus

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