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Up to 40 mph - That is about the same speed if not more than a lion or tiger can run!How fast can sharks travel?

Milward Shark - As crazy as the other names are, the cookie cutter shark and the wobbegong shark are real! Wobbegong sharks are about 8 feet long and Cookiecutter sharks are normally only about 2 feet long.Which of these is not a species of shark - Cookiecutter Shark, Wobbegong Shark or Milward Shark?

Over 350 - Here are some examples! Hammerhead, Tiger, Great White, Leopard and Angel Sharks!How many species of sharks are there?

Around 11 tons per year - A human being eats close to half a ton per year, that means sharks eat twenty times as much as we do!Great white sharks can eat a lot. But how much?

Both - Some sharks like the Great White are born live. Other sharks, like Horn Sharks are hatched from eggs!Are sharks hatched from eggs or are they birthed live?

5 feet - Great White Sharks can sometimes be born with up to 12 siblings! They are on their own from the beginning too as they would be easy prey for their mother!Great White Sharks are about how long when they are born?

Cartilage - A shark has a cartilaginous skeleton so the shark stays light and it uses less energy.What is a shark's skeleton made of?

Florida - California is a close second. However, there are normally less than 30 attacks in the US every year.Which US state averages the most shark attacks per year?

Pups - Some species are up to 5 feet in length when they are born!What are baby sharks called?

Seals - Great Whites rarely attack humans. When they do, they often do not eat humans.What is a Great White Shark's favorite meal?

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