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South American Animals Quiz

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Sloth - There are both two toed and three toed sloths.The Giant, Hoffman's and Silky are all breeds of what?

a. Turtle
b. Anteater
c. Sloth
d. Monkey

Nocturnal - The pacarana is a slow nocturnal rodent.Which of these statements is true about the pacarana?

a. It has feathers
b. Nocturnal
c. Diurnal
d. It has scales

Chile - The cururo is a rodent.In which country would you find a wild cururo?

a. Argentina
b. Paraguay
c. Chile
d. Bolivia

Elephant killer - The anaconda is a non-venomous snake.What is the translation of the word anaconda?

a. Elephant killer
b. Tree dweller
c. River snake
d. Jungle dweller

Dogo - The Dogo Argentino is a hunting and fighting dog.What is the only dog species native to Argentina?

a. Tosa
b. Jindo
c. Cataburun
d. Dogo

Rice Rat - Rice Rats are not afraid of humans.Which of these animals would you find only on the Galapagos Islands?

a. Bunny Rat
b. White-Footed Climbing Mouse
c. Sanborn’s Grass Mouse
d. Rice Rat

Vampire bat - Vampire bats will adopt young if their mother is killed.What is the only species of bat that will adopt young?

a. Fruit bat
b. Brown bat
c. Snub nosed bat
d. Vampire bat

Frogs - Venom from the 'poison dart frog' is used for this purpose.Which creature's venom is used by the Amerindians on their darts?

a. Frogs
b. Spiders
c. Lizards
d. Snakes

Six feet - These reptiles can live in both salt and fresh water.How big is an adult male Spectacled Caiman?

a. 3 feet
b. 14 feet
c. 10 feet
d. Six feet

Amazon Wood Lizard - These reptiles live in the Amazon basin.What is another name for the Guichenot's Dwarf Iguana?

a. Tiger Lizard
b. Spotted Lizard
c. Amazon Wood Lizard
d. Velvet Iguana

Leopard Frog - Poisonous frogs are often very brightly colored.Which of these frogs is not poisonous?

a. Giant Leap Frog
b. Splash Backed
c. Red Backed Frog
d. Leopard Frog

Jaguar - The jaguar is the third largest of the big cats.What is the only breed of cat found in South America?

a. Lion
b. Cheetah
c. Jaguar
d. Tiger

Giant Armadillo - Now endangered, the Giant Armadillo was once found widely throughout the tropical forests of eastern South America.What is the largest "living" species of armadillo?

a. Giant Armadillo
b. Greater Fairy Armadillo
c. Southern Long-nosed Armadillo
d. Big Hairy Armadillo

Africa - According to scientists, they descended about 25 million years ago in a single dispersal event.All South American monkeys are believed to be descended from ancestors from which continent?

a. Africa
b. North America
c. Australia
d. Europe

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